Amon Amarth vocalist Johan Hegg is the latest metal musician to step into purgatory to play ‘Rob Halford’s Rapid Fire.’ From his dressing room in Hell, the Metal God imparts his questions upon the Swedish metal titan.

Before Johan Hegg became everyone’s favorite death metal viking, he was a kid just like us. Judas Priest’s Rob Halford asks Hegg essential coming-of-age questions like, “What was the first metal album you purchased with your own money?” and demands to hear Hegg’s first metal performance onstage.

As a kid, Alice Cooper was the first heavy metal show Hegg attended. However, he tried to see one of metal’s biggest bands in Stockholm at an even younger ages. Sadly, his parents wouldn’t allow Johan to go, as Hegg describes in this video.

Hegg also professes to Rob Halford his greatest metal vocal influence, which may come as a surprise considering the brutal bark that comes out of Johan. Amon Amarth’s vocalist also reveals his favorite metal band and his choice for the most metal song ever written.

Watch Johan Hegg’s episode of ‘Rob Halford’s Rapid Fire’ in the clip above! To pre-order Amon Amarth's upcoming Jomsviking album, click here.

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