Viking death metal pillagers Amon Amarth have just unleashed even more essentials from their upcoming album, 'Deceiver of the Gods.' Not only have Amon Amarth revealed the track listing for 'Deceiver of the Gods,' but the band has gifted fans with the title track from the 2013 disc.

'Deceiver of the Gods' will act as Amon Amarth's ninth studio album; the band's first since the 2011 full-length 'Surtur Rising.' We recently reported on Amon Amarth debuting their 2013 album's title and artwork, along with a number of side shows announced during the band's summer tenure on this year's Mayhem Festival. No new music from the melodic death metal act had been shared with the recent announcement, but now there's a brand new song ready to infiltrate the ears of Amon Amarth fans.

Amon Amarth's first piece from 'Deceiver of the Gods' fits firmly in line with the band's past material, taking a simple approach to death metal and metalcore while retaining the group's burly-chested style of Viking supremacy. "We feel very excited about this new album," says vocalist Johan Hegg, "and personally I feel that 'Deceiver of the Gods' is the strongest album we've ever done. By far! I'm confident that all our fans will enjoy this punch-in-the-face-of-a-record!"

Check out Amon Amarth's newest song, 'Deceiver of the Gods,' along with the namesake album's full track listing below. Also, be sure to catch the band live during the 2013 Mayhem Festival tour.

Amon Amarth, 'Deceiver of the Gods'

Amon Amarth, 'Deceiver of the Gods' Track Listing:

01. 'Deceiver of the Gods'
02. 'As Loke Falls'
03. 'Father of the Wolf'
04. 'Shape Shifter'
05. 'Under Siege'
06. 'Blood Eagle'
07. 'We Shall Destroy'
08. 'Hel'
09. 'Coming of the Tide'
10. 'Warriors of the North'