After announcing a summer tour alongside Veil of Maya and Alluvial, instrumental progsters Animals as Leaders have unveiled the video for the track "Cognitive Contortions" that you can watch above.

In addition to their headlining tour, Animals as Leaders will also play a handful of dates with Korn in May. The trio are touring in support of their fourth album The Madness of Many, which was released last November. Guitarist Tosin Obasi tells L.A. Weekly that the album captures their live sound the best of anything they have done so far.

“We’ve always just done everything we want to create in the studio and figure out how to play live later,” Abasi says. “But we’re comparing show playbacks to the new album, and the new album sounds more like us live than any other album has. It translates 1:1 from the studio to the stage.”

As to what the future holds for the band, Abasi reveals there might be some future collaborations: “I don’t want to say too much. But as a three-piece we’re basically a rhythm section, so we exist in a manner that is open for collaboration with outside musicians. We’ve thought about presenting ourselves as a band working with musicians we really like, and creating something new and exciting for both ourselves and those musicians. We want to explore the possibilities of ‘Animals as Leaders plus X.'”

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