Thrash giants Anthrax are working on their follow-up to 2016's For All Kings, and it's projected to be pretty damn heavy. Yeah, we know every band says that, even if it's not necessarily true. But don't expect average work from Anthrax. Drummer Charlie Benante is determined to make a statement, and he admits bands don't focus on longevity as much anymore when making records.

"I was talking to the guys about it. I said, 'I don't wanna make another record.' Not that we'd just make another record, but this time I wanna make a statement musically," the drummer told Jose Mangin in a segment of Zippo Encore's Dudes Talking Sh-t in a Truck.

"I hear bands coming out with music, and I don't think they're putting much emphasis on longevity anymore. I think [they say], 'Let's just get this out so we can go on tour.' … I wanna make records so that our fans, six months to a year later, go, 'Wow! I just discovered this on that record.'"

Benante describes the band's upcoming album as having "extreme stuff" on it, adding that they experimented with new ideas that will "make it next level." Watch the full interview below.

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