As we previously reported, today (Sept. 14) has officially been dubbed 'Anthrax Day in the Bronx.' And now the band has received proclamations in honor of the special day.

Above is a photo of Anthrax posing with Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., who presented the thrash-metal veterans with the proclamations at the Hard Rock Cafe at Yankee Stadium. The proclamation itself reads as follows:

"For over 30 years, Anthrax continues to 'Bring the Noise' through the 'Persistence of Time' in the Bronx, New York City and across the world; and

WHEREAS: Anthrax, a band with strong Bronx roots, is worshipped by their fans worldwide for giving them a 'Fistful of Metal,' both by touring and selling albums in the millions; and

WHEREAS: Today, I welcome Anthrax back home, as they 'Keep It in the Family' 'Among the Living' of the Bronx, while bringing a 'State of Euphoria' through the 'Sound of White Noise' to tens of thousands of people in Yankee Stadium;

NOW, THEREFORE, I Ruben Diaz Jr., President of the Borough of The Bronx, do hereby proclaim September 14, 2011


And urge my fellow citizens to take appropriate recognition of the occasion and get 'Caught in a Mosh.'"

Ruben Diaz Jr.

We can't be certain, but we're pretty sure that Diaz is the first politician to use the phrase 'caught in a mosh' in an official proclamation.

Anthrax will join Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica tonight for the 'Big 4' concert at Yankee Stadium. In the meantime, check out video of the 'Anthrax Day in the Bronx' presentation below.

Watch the 'Anthrax Day in the Bronx' Presentation