Anthrax are planning to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Spreading the Disease with a special reissue of the album. Along with the album's original nine tracks, the 30th anniversary edition of Spreading the Disease will include bonus material including rhythm tracks from the studio and live recordings from Tokyo in 1987.

Spreading the Disease was Anthrax's breakthrough album and according to drummer Charlie Benante in the exclusive video above, the "record where the band became the band." Spreading the Disease served as the introduction of vocalist Joey Belladonna and bassist Frank Bello, both of whom became classic members of the 'Big 4' thrash band.

This special edition of Spreading the Disease will feature Joey Belladonna's demo recording of "Medusa" from back in 1984. Nine never-before-released instrumental demos from the studio will also be included with no audio sweetening whatsoever. You'll just hear drums, some guitar and bass. The 1987 live audio is taken from Anthrax's first Japanese show, which took place at Tokyo's Sun Plaza.

"'STD' was our first real record on a major label," says Benante. "We were on a roll with that album, and we wanted to perform those songs as close to the album versions as possible. I think the performances show the excitement of a young band that was on its way, so we wanted to have them on this reissue."

"We didn't know what we were doing, but we totally knew what we were doing," adds guitarist Scott Ian. "I know that doesn't make sense, but it's where we were at, a bunch of 21-year-old kids making our major label debut on a shoestring budget with nothing but a dream and a bunch of songs that we thought killed. We were right and our dream came true. Thank you to all the fans that put this record and Anthrax on the map way back when and still support us today. Cheers my friends!"

Anthrax's 30th anniversary edition of Spreading the Disease will come out Nov. 20 via Universal. Check out the full track listing below. For an exclusive look into the classic Anthrax album, watch Charlie Benante and Scott Ian reminiscing about the record in the clip above.

Spreading the Disease 30th Anniversary Edition Track Listing:

Disc One:

"Lone Justice"
"S.S.D./Stand or Fall"
"The Enemy"
"Armed and Dangerous"
"Medusa" (Joey Belladonna demo)

Disc Two:

"A.I.R." *
"Metal Thrashing Mad" *
"The Enemy" *
"Madhouse" *
"Howling Furries" *
"Armed and Dangerous" *
"Gung-Ho" *
"Soldiers of Metal" *
"Lone Justice" **
"Gung-Ho" **
"Metal Thrashing Mad" **
"Raise Hell" **
"Stand or Fall" **
"Aftershock" **
"Armed and Dangerous" **
"Madhouse" **
"The Enemy" **

* Live at Sun Plaza (Tokyo) 1987
** Rhythm track tape, 1984

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