Last week, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian tweeted about his day on the set of 'The Walking Dead,' and now he's dishing all the gory details about how he went from shred to undead in 90 minutes for what he's calling his 'Make-A-Wish' experience on the set of the AMC hit show.

Ian's zombie makeover was at the masterful hands of special effects artist Garrett Immel, who according to Ian is "one of the top dudes doing this on the planet." Immel transformed Ian into a "hero" zombie, which in horror talk translates to the highest level of detail including flesh wounds on his head and neck in the form of silicon appliques. "I told him not to hold back, make it as brutal as he wants," said Ian about the process.

There is some skill involved in becoming a zombie and since Ian has been practicing most of his life, he didn't need much guidance. His zombie walk was dead on. "I guess I am just genetically wired to play the undead," he said about the experience.

Ian's scene involved his zombie alter ego shambling out of a house and going after two kids. Do they escape the wrath of the bearded zombie? Guess we'll have to tune in to the new season of 'The Waking Dead' when it premieres on AMC in October. Until then, check out Ian's step by step zombie transformation in the photos above.

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