For years, Anthrax guitar great Scott Ian has been approached for autographs by fans with collectibles from an old card series he was part of in the '80s, but the rocker may see some new cards coming his way soon as he's one of the rockers on board for the 2013 Topps Archives Heavy Metal Autographs series.

Ian told ESPN's 'Mint Condition,' "I was definitely excited. I collected cards as a kid and years ago, in the late '80s, they did these rock cards and I thought that was cool, but to find out I had an actual Topps card, the only way I can describe it is like going from the minors to the majors. I finally made it to the big show."

The guitarist himself was a big collector as a child, but admits he made a major error in his youth, dumping all the cards he collected in the '70s before the baseball card collecting boom of the next decade. Ian says he held onto some of his Yankees cards from the '70s, but for the most part missed out on a big payday for some of the items he once had.

In addition to Ian, the 2013 Topps Archives Heavy Metal Autographs set includes signed cards from Axl Rose, Sebastian Bach, Tommy Lee, Dee Snider, Stephen Pearcy, Kip Winger, Lita Ford, Reb Beach and Warrant video vixen Bobbie Brown.