Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has enjoyed working with metal-loving comedian Brian Posehn on a couple of tracks in the past and those good times have led the metal icon to reportedly sign on for a full album with the comedian. reports Posehn revealed the collaboration during a visit to SiriusXM's Liquid Metal studio. In the past, Posehn roped in Ian for the songs 'Metal by Numbers' and 'More Metal Than You' on his previous albums, and this time rather than bolstering his comedy with the songs, they're planning a full "comedy-metal" release.

Posehn told host Jose Mangin that one of the songs will be titled 'Satan Is Kind of a Dick,' and that there will also be some metal covers on the album, though perhaps not glaringly obvious ones. For instance, on his last album, Posehn amped up the wattage on Kenny Rogers' 'The Gambler' to give it that metal feel, and he revealed that he and Ian had discussed the possibility of giving a metal spin to the A-Ha classic, 'Take on Me.'

The comedian says there may also be a few other metal cameos on the effort, but he wasn't ready to divulge who just yet. Though a title or release date have yet to be announced, Posehn confirmed that the disc will come out through Megaforce Records.

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