Not Man is an incredibly unique metal mascot in that he does not appear on any album art. Anthrax have chosen to stray from distorting their maniacal Mr. Potato Head-esque mascot on various album covers.

Instead, Not Man makes the occasional appearance on merchandise, otherwise flying under the radar. In spite of this, he has somehow managed to stick around over the years as an immediately identifiable mascot that could not be mistaken to represent any other band.

The bat-like flying horned skull that has emblazoned countless Overkill album covers is affectionately known as Chaly. He is typically more on the friendly side, posing for album covers like the stud that he is, but he sometimes finds himself in trickier situations.

On Overkill's 1988 album, Under the Influence, he fired lasers out of his eyes at a man attempting to crawl out of a sewer tunnel. Chaly has adorned Overkill album covers ever since, albeit in different forms. Chaly was imprisoned for his crimes on the cover of Ironbound and was sentenced to fry in the chair on The Electric Age. Most recently, Chaly was carved in stone for Overkill's 2014 album, White Devil Armory.

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