Anvil bassist Glenn Five, whose bottom end helped power the veteran metal act back into the spotlight after a decade of creative doldrums, has ended his 15-year tenure with the band. In a statement, Five wished his former mates well, while making it clear he feels he has new creative environs to explore.

"Playing in Anvil has given me some of the best years of my life," said Five in a statement. "However, after nearly 16 years with the band, the time has come to move on and try new musical endeavors. Although Anvil has been a great band to play in, I have been limited creatively. I have a wide taste in music and I feel that it’s time to broaden my horizons."

Five's Anvil arrival presaged a creative and commercial renaissance for the band, both in the studio -- where Five played on seven Anvil albums, including 'This Is Thirteen' and 'Juggernaut of Justice' -- and on the road, where the band's profile was raised considerably following the success of the 2008 documentary 'Anvil! The Story of Anvil.'

The most recent Anvil release is 'Monument of Metal,' a 19-track compilation spanning the band's 30-year career. No replacement for Five has been announced, but the band is slated to kick off a U.S. tour Jan. 27 in Ohio.