When Canadian rockers Anvil stop by New York City, it’s always a good time. They brought some old school metal to Highline Ballroom on Monday night (Nov. 7) with support from Lords of Mercy and S--tKill.

The members of Anvil are not only funny and charismatic onstage but they are some of the most humble musicians in the business. They performed a wide variety of songs such as the fan favorites ‘Metal On Metal,’ ‘Winged Assassins,’ ‘This is Thirteen’ and they also dedicated ‘Thumbhang’ to the late Ronnie James Dio. Frontman Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow shared personal stories with the crowd and shredded it up face to face with fans. Not to mention he has some serious skills as he played his guitar with a particular sex toy.

It’s evident that when you go to an Anvil show it’s an experience you never forget. Stickman Robb Reiner performed a remarkable drum solo that just never gets old. The band recently released their fourteenth studio album, ‘Juggernaut of Justice,’ as well as a compilation disc titled ‘Monument of Metal.’

The New York natives of S--tKill performed various tracks from their first full length album and did we mention that the band is made up of four teenagers? They were the only band of the night to have the crowd start a mosh pit or two. They performed with vigor and the band as a whole has more energy in their pinkies than most bands have within their entire set. Watch out for these group of metal heads,  whose guitarist Danny Chpatchev looks just like an adolescent version of none other than Dave Mustaine.

New Jersey based band Lords of Mercy opened up the show with an impressive and forceful performance, starting the night off right.

Anvil are headed to Europe to continue touring until the rest of the year. For a full list of dates click here.

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