Earlier this week, it was revealed that Scott Weiland was fronting a new supergroup called Art of Anarchy that also featured Guns N' Roses' guitarist Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal and Disturbed's John Moyer, among others. But the excitement over the project was somewhat tempered when Weiland posted on his Facebook page that he had no plans to tour with the group.

"I just saw some press about a side project called Art of Anarchy that I worked on last year," said Weiland. "I wrote and put my vocals down for these guys and had fun doing a couple of videos too. We had a lot of fun … When they find their frontman to hit the road and play some dates, check them out. In the meantime, if you want to check out where I'm at RIGHT NOW, check out my band, Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts."

Guitarist Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal issued a statement to Rolling Stone clarifying the situation. He explains, "Art of Anarchy is not competition or a threat or interference to what any of us are doing -- it's a complement, an addition, one I'm proud of creatively. No need to minimize or undermine or devalue a project we all worked on together over the course of two years. I enjoyed working with Scott. And I'm looking forward to the Wildabouts album release, the Bumblefoot album release, and the Art of Anarchy album release. The more music the better, it's what we do, right? :) Artists do collaborations and a month later, their own album comes out. This is normal stuff. All good. :)"

Speaking about Weiland's role in the group, Thal added, "The five of us made an album together. Scott is currently the singer of the band. It's in writing; no confusion. But yes, Scott's solo album and tour are his priority and we're all on the same page about getting another vocalist if Art of Anarchy hits the road. But we don't need to cross that bridge just yet. Taking everything as it comes, one step at a time, letting it evolve organically. Where it goes from here (and with who!) is yet to be seen."

The guitarist says that Art of Anarchy are looking to release their new album this spring, but it should be noted that Weiland's 'Blaster' album with the Wildabouts is already scheduled for a March 31 street date. So it remains to be seen how close together the albums will be released and if that will affect Art of Anarchy's relationship with Weiland moving forward.

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