Sweden's titans of melodic death metal, At the Gates, are preparing To Drink From the Night Itself on their new album, which arrive in late May. To tide fans over in the meantime, they've issued a music video for the punishing new track "A Stare Bound in Stone," which you can watch above.

If there was any doubt about At the Gates soldiering on without founding guitarist Anders Björler, this song should dispel any worries. There's a pervasive sense of evil looming over "A Stare Bound in Stone" and while the licks might not be as vibrant as Slaughter of the Soul, they've got a bit more muscle that give At the Gates a strong-armed sound.

"For the second single release of the album, we wanted this menacing stormer — fast, aggressive verses, heavy chorus and an evil mantra of an ending. This, for me, depicts the desperate, urgent mood of the record. I think it could be one of the most aggressive songs we have ever written," comments frontman Tomas Lindberg. "This album is so diverse and includes so much different elements that it is hard to boil down those essences to just one song. This song has a lot of them though; more to come soon," he added.

"For the video shoot, we wanted to work with Costin (Chioreanu, album artist) on this one, as he is an essential part of this record," the singer added. "We felt that he knew exactly what kind of emotions we wanted to get across, and how to capture them artistically. I see this video as a brilliant complement to the song. Enjoy!"

To Drink From the Night Itself comes out on May 18 on Century Media and you can pre-order your copy here.

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