She's back and ready to show you how to cook... the metal way! YouTube user Linzey Rae is part chef, part metal vocalist as she tackles making spaghetti and meatballs  ... all to the tune of Atreyu's "Crimson."

Opening with the line "I think it's time to wine and dine / with the one that you love," she begins the directions to her classic Italian dish. Of course, she starts off with ground beef, growling her way through the list of spices to add before shaping them. After browning the meatballs she sautés the onions in a pan and heads to her room where she makes her bed and showers the stink (her words, not ours!) away before starting the next part of the meal. But not before changing into something nice and brushing her teeth, of course!

Rae's harsh vocals are remarkably similar to Atreyu's Alex Varkatzas, making this parody more than just a silly spoof. If you're following along at home and didn't get the recipe exact, don't worry because she reassures, "They will still hold you / when they see what you have made / they will still kiss you the same / even if it's over-done." The video ends on a humorous note, showing her two friends sharing a lengthy piece of spaghetti ala Lady and the Tramp.

In her first video, Rae gave us a lesson in cooking shepherd's pie, parodying the Ghost Inside's "The Great Unknown." She realized the ease of going to McDonald's instead, but exclaimed, “Homecooked meals do less to my thighs / I chose to make shepherd’s pie!

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