The scheduling has been a bit tricky for AxeWound, but singer Liam Cormier tells NME that he feels that's a non-factor in whether or not the all-star group will continue beyond their debut disc.

Cormier says, "It feels like a bunch of friends hanging out. We get really giddy whenever we do anything. I definitely see it continuing beyond this record. We all get along so well and have such a good time. We'll do it whenever we got time. It's very relaxed."

The singer, who also fronts the hard rock back Cancer Bats, added, "I'm stoked that record's going to come out. I'm pumped it's worked out the way it has. I'm going to be touring solidly with Cancer Bats, but I'm so excited to get on the road with AxeWound."

The singer says that AxeWound gives him his "super metal alter ego" and offers him opportunities he doesn't necessarily get in his regular band. He laughs, "I get to do things I'd never do with Cancer Bats, like wear camouflage shorts on stage and a flipped up hat and be the thrash guy. I didn't know anybody other than Matt [guitarist and Bullet for My Valentine member Tuck] in the band before I joined, but they're all so nice."

The group's first release, 'Vultures,' is due Oct. 2.