There's been an air of anticipation building for most of the year once Bullet for My Valentine singer Matt Tuck announced his intent to play guitar alongside Cancer Bats singer Liam Cormier in the new band Axewound.

Now fans can start marking their calendars as the new rock collective have ironed out the release details for their 'Vultures' album. At present, the band has only announced an Oct. 1 release date in the U.K., but it's expected to be release in other parts of the world as well.

PunkNews reports that the band has also chosen their lead single, as 'Cold' will precede the disc in hitting the airwaves on Sept. 10.

Tuck stated back in June that the album had been complete, but the biggest issue was lining up the schedules for touring and release as some of the other members had other obligations.

As for performing with Cormier and not being front and center onstage, he explained, "It’s good. I’m just not used to a maniac running past every ten seconds. With us guys, I’m usually set to the stage stuck to a mic, and now I’ve got this crazy Canadian flying past every ten seconds. I’m just not used to that kind of craziness on the stage.

While they played a few shows over the last few months, there are supposedly dates in the works for October in the U.K.