With the election of Donald Trump for president, there had been some hope that the fledgling politician would "drain the swamp" of lobbyists and some of the status quo choices for his cabinet, but he's been taking some heat for his choices so far. And one pick in particular has earned criticism from none other than Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose.

The vocalist shared his disappointment in the choice of Alabama senator Jeff Sessions as Trump's attorney general. Sessions was a key adviser to Trump during his campaign and is known for his hardline stance against both legal and unauthorized immigration. Sessions was also once recommended to be a federal judge by Ronald Reagan in 1986, but was rejected by the Senate after colleagues testified about some racially offensive comments he had made.

Upon hearing the news of Sessions' role in Trump's cabinet, Rose stated, "Good people don't listen to, acknowledge, nominate or elect people like Senator Jeff Sessions." The tweet can be seen below.

Though keeping up an extremely private profile for many years, Rose has become more and more socially active in recent years. He attempted to stop an execution taking place in Indonesia, condemned the police shooting of a dog and spoken out on a Danish giraffe killing. He also recently invited a teen waitress who received a racist note from a customer to one of AC/DC's shows. In the photo above, Rose is seen posing with members of ROTAM at Pedreira Paulo Leminski in Curbita, Brazil.

Update: Axl Rose has also blasted Trump for criticizing the cast of Broadway's 'Hamilton' for taking time to direct a political message to Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who was in attendance at the show, at the end of a recent performance:

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