Watch out, Dave GrohlAxl Rose is coming after your reputation as rock’s nicest frontman. After hearing the story of Sadie Elledge, a Honduran-American waitress who was left a receipt reading, “WE ONLY TIP CITIZENS,” Axl invited Sadie to attend AC/DC’s recent Washington, D.C. concert.

18-year-old Sadie Elledge’s story made national news earlier this month when the seemingly racist note and no tip was left after she had served a couple. The two customers (one of hispanic heritage, herself) were eventually tracked down and denied writing the words, but by then the story had already gone viral.

Axl Rose and Sadie Elledge were connected through actress Greice Santo, who also attended the AC/DC gig on Sept. 17 and gave Sadie a makeover through her ‘Glam with Greice’ program. Rose met Sadie’s family and friends backstage and had the rock star’s personal photographer take pictures of Axl with the group.

Sadie’s grandfather, John Elledge, wrote about the experience in a letter to Alternative Nation:

I have been an AC/DC fan for nearly 40 years, and Axl Rose’s invitation to my granddaughter and her family (which luckily included me) to last night’s concert in Washington DC was a true thrill. Not only was it a fantastic show, but being there with Sadie and her mom and dad was an unmatched experience for three generations of Elledges.

Axl’s generosity and good humor made this an absolute highlight in our family’s lives. Talking to him backstage, hearing his humor and feeling his kindness to us only magnified my respect for the man. And his performance was out of this world. He really did get the job done. It’s incredible how, in picking Axl to front the band, AC/DC picked up where they left off, without missing a beat. He was both true to himself and true to AC/DC. I’m blown away.

AC/DC just finished the final dates of their ‘Rock or Bust’ tour with Axl Rose, saying goodbye to longtime bassist Cliff Williams with a sendoff in Philadelphia.

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