All's well that ends well. Turns out that the woman who jacked $200,000 in jewelry from Axl Rose in Paris on Tuesday (June 5) was "really just an excited fan," according to a tweet issued by Rose himself. The three stolen gold-and-diamond necklaces were returned to the Guns N' Roses singer after the thief, who admitted to mistakenly stealing the baubles, was taken into custody.

The thief's identity remains concealed. The only detail revealed about her is that she is a model...and apparently such a fan of Axl that she took his personal belongings from a private party that was supposedly guarded by the singer's personal security detail. What a crazy coincidence! It was only a few weeks ago that the band denied ordering 20 models to come and party with them after their Scotland show, and it just happens to be a model who stole Axl's jewelry at a party after the band's show in France. What are the odds off that?!

Apparently, the thief/model/fan drank too much and accidentally put the necklaces into her handbag. She realized her folly when she woke up and then took the proper steps to return them. You can take it or leave it, in terms of whether or not you want to believe that story. But chances are, since she returned the items ASAP, it's likely true.

Below is Rose's tweet. He is much happier to have his necklaces back in his possession. We would be, too, at $200,000 of value!