So, the last video we saw of Axl Rose was the Guns N' Roses frontman allegedly entering an airport in Rosaria, Argentina, a little disgruntled, but it seems the tide has changed. As Guns N’ Roses continue the South American leg of their world tour, a new video has surfaced, this one showing a jovial Rose cajoling with fans at what appears to be a bar at the Hotel Sheraton in Asunción, Paraguay.

The fan-filmed footage shows Rose posing with fans for photos and reminiscing about the days of old sharing past GN’R tour stories. He talked about his former bandmate Slash’s ability to pick up the ladies, recounting, “He would pass out and piss his pants and then I would get to be with the girl. I always followed Slash because I knew he would pass out and I would get the girl.” The crowd forming around him laughed at his story and he continued with a bit more detail saying, “The girl would be like AHHH! He just peed in my bag and I would be like, “Its okay, its okay.”

The video then cuts out and comes back showing Rose holding a bottle of Jack Daniels as he says, “If you drink half a bottle of Jack Daniels, you’ll find something to do. It might not be good and you might wake up someplace you don’t want to be, like jail.”

Watch the video of Rose below. If you ran into him at a hotel, what questions would you have asked?

Watch Axl Rose Hanging Out With Fans in Paraguay