The Boston hardcore band Bane, who reunited for a spate of comeback shows that began in their hometown this month, apparently angered a concertgoer with their passionate onstage talk on Sunday (June 18) that went against that concertgoer's beliefs.

The Twitter user @LoriKauffman13, evidently also from Boston, reported that she left the show early after a Bane member "praised trans" people and criticized the U.S. government, she said. Some replies to her post questioned if she was familiar with hardcore and punk.

One could deduce the Bane member she was referring to is Aaron Bedard, Bane's lead vocalist who has fervently spouted his beliefs from the stage since the band started in the '90s.

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Bane returned to performing last weekend at Boston's Roadrunner venue for two shows on Saturday and Sunday (June 17–18). They were the group's first concerts in seven years, apart from a 2021 benefit for the late Bane bassist Brendan "Stu" Maguire, who died that year.

On Sunday, seemingly while Bane's second Boston show was still ongoing, the disgruntled concertgoer tweeted, "Guy from Bane just praised trans for 2 minutes straight and then said he hated the U.S. government and THEN SAID HE WANTED TO WIPE HIS ASS WITH THE AMERICAN FLAG. Bye Bane! Leaving early."

The angered concertgoer continued in a follow-up tweet, "Find G-d." She added in another, "Some of us are religious. Some of us have family that have fought for this country."

Several replies to the concertgoer's tweets spared no castigation. "Being very very dumb is becoming cool," one commenter remarked. "LMAO have you never been to a hardcore show you dumb bitch," another replied. "Good thing you left now don't ever come back," one more said.

Another commenter replied, "Lol you went to a Bane show and thought you'd hear conservative talking points? Feel free to move to Florida."

Yet another commenter said, "do you know where hardcore came from," sharing a screenshot from the Wikipedia page for Punk subculture that reads, The punk ethos is primarily made up of beliefs such as non-conformity, anti-authoritarianism, anti-corporatism, a do-it-yourself ethic, anti-consumerist, anti-corporate greed, direct action, and not "selling out."

Below, under separate footage from Bane's June 17 show, see the band's upcoming tour dates.

Bane Play Comeback Show in Boston - June 17, 2023

Bane 2023 Tour Dates

June 25 – Manchester, U.K. @ Depot Mayfield
Aug. 6 – Philadelphia, Pa. @ This Is Hardcore
Sept. 24 – Birmingham, Ala. @ Furnace Fest

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