Last week we asked which of Motley Crue albums is your favorite, and now it's time for another Stadium Tour band — Def Leppard. As they gear up to drop their 11th studio album Diamond Star Halos, we want to know which of their previous releases is the best in this week's Loudwire Nights Album of the Week poll.

You'll have until Friday at 12N ET to cast your votes. We’ll then play the three tracks from the album with the most votes during Loudwire Nights' Album of the Week block to start the following Monday's show!

It all started for Def Leppard with their 1980 debut On Through the Night, which was released through Mercury. But it wasn't until they unveiled Pyromania three years later that they found mainstream success. It debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 — a whole 36 placements higher than its predecessor — and featured hits including "Photograph," "Foolin'" and "Rock of Ages."

The rockers continued the streak of success with its follow-up, their almighty 1987 release Hysteria, which topped the album chart and is their best-selling record to date. 1992's Adrenalize followed suit in terms of chart placement, proving that hair bands were still capable of landing at No. 1 even in the midst of the Seattle grunge takeover.

Def Leppard have put out another six albums since, and we'll soon have a another one. But, for now, head below to vote for your favorite Def Leppard album, and tune into Loudwire Nights next Monday at 7PM ET to find out which record prevailed. During tonight's show, you'll get to find out which Motley Crue album was voted the best, and hear three songs from the winner.

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