Here are the 10 best Italian metalcore bands since 2010, chosen by Waves in Autumn.

If you are not familiar with the group, you've probably already guessed correctly — they're a metalcore band... from Italy!

What You Should Know About Waves in Autumn

From: Bergamo, Italy

First Release: Totem EP (2022)

New EP: Burning Season

Waves in Autumn snuck in at the very end of the last decade, issuing their debut single "Danforth" in late 2019. Honing their craft in the years since, more singles eventually gave way to their debut EP, Totem in 2022, as they position themselves for a breakout with its followup, Burning Season.

There's a fresh balance to their musicality with vibrant party-punk riffing and a touch of pop-punk vocal melodies. While the energy is infectious and the spirit is uplifting, Waves in Autumn flex some rhythmic muscle with those must-have crunchy breakdowns.

Commenting on one of Burning Season's singles (which can be heard below), vocalist Davide Cavaioli says, "'Wintergaze is an introspective song that resonates with those acknowledging their grip on an addiction or attachment. Embracing the courage to alter this vulnerability, it acknowledges the universal presence of vices, urging the recognition of these flaws as the initial stride toward liberation."

Waves in Autumn, "Wintergaze" ft. As Hikari

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With a band this good lurking around northern Italy, we had to know what other promising new metalcore are inhabiting "The Boot" over the last decade-plus.

So, Waves in Autumn did everyone a solid and rounded up 10 killer Italian metalcore recommendations. Check them out below!

The 'Burning Season' EP is out March 1.

  • 10 Best Italian Metalcore Bands Since 2010, Chosen by Waves in Autumn

  • Ready, Set, Fall!

    Born in 2010, this band left a lasting impact signing with Lifeforce Records, sharing stages with prominent acts and collecting over seven million streams.

    Their music blends melody with chaos and touched the hearts of thousands worldwide. Fast forward to 2023, their latest release, Generation Curse EP tackles modern life's challenges, reaffirming their unique sound.

    Their singer Christopher Volpi is one of the greatest Italian metal singers, and featured on “Wildheart” the second single from our upcoming EP.

  • Stain The Canvas

    This band brought fresh air to our music landscape with their emo-revival debut back in 2020, proving their musicianship release by release working tirelessly together with their manager Adam (Ohwly Management).

    They grew a worldwide fanbase, collecting over 10 million streams and gaining the attention from American label InVogue Records, signing with them in 2023.

  • The Wind Covenant

    Blending elements of progressive metalcore, deathcore and djent — such as down-tuned, syncopated groovy riffs and pulverizing breakdowns — The Wind Covenant bring it up a notch with their massively dramatic melodic sections, soothing vocal melodies and evocative soundscapes.

  • Shading

    The Venice, Italy based nu-metalcore band Shading is set to begin a new chapter with a new lineup and a lot of new music.

    While the core of the band sound has its roots deeply fixed in the modern metal genre, the influences of the early 2000s, formative years for the band members, are felt and give a nostalgic taste to a fresh sound designed to stay.

    It's not just a wave.

  • Jorelia

    Coming together in suburban Pavia in early 2019, Jorelia is a beatdown outfit fueled by hardcore force, hip-hop attitude and punk ethos.

    These young friends brought the '90s revival to our country with its typical DIY attitude and are proving that new generations can easily drop everyone in a fatal mosh pit with slow, evil, raging riffs, twisting it with the nu-metal influence that both younger and older audiences need.

    Our singer was featured in their first 2020 EP and their new stuff is getting heavier and heavier!

  • Elyne

    A groundbreaking four-piece metalcore band fronted by vocalist and YouTuber Danny Metal. They played shows in Europe, the U.K., and Russia and shared stages with top tier acts from all over the world.

    Their new album IDENTITY offers blends of heavy riffage, gnarly breakdowns, and electronic elements, above a powerful and unapologetically authentic exploration of the human experience.

  • Prospective

    Four-piece progressive metalcore band Prospective delivers heavy bone-breaker riffs juxtaposed with a technical flair.

    The group has gained substantial momentum since 2018’s album Unreal which made its debut at No. 4 on the iTunes Metal Chart.

    Fresh, chaotic and sturdy songs produced by top tier musicians, intense live shows for the likes of Erra, Currents and similar American djent acts.

    Their latest album Reasons to Live is an incredible master piece with some not so often-heard quality.

  • Dead Like Juliet

    Hailing from South Tyrol, six-piece hardcore metal outfit Dead Like Juliet have defined their sound with melodic hooks and singalongs alongside heavy growls and groovy riffs.

    Unlike other hardcore bands, DLJ shaped their raw sound with atmospheric keys and synths. Their songs talk about political topics, personal issues and more philosophical problems.

    Onstage they throw all their energy into the audience, not stopping until everyone is soaked in sweat. They toured endlessly since the beginning and reached over 20 different countries.

  • Deaf Autumn

    Deaf Autumn was born in 2013 and released independently two full length album followed by various singles.

    They define themselves as rock/core storytellers focused on human emotions and had the chance to play on the same stage with artists such as Silverstein and touring abroad in Russia.

  • Outmayr

    Outmayr are a three-piece metalcore band that formed in 2020, influenced by bands such as Emmure, The Ghost Inside and While She Sleeps.

    The whole project is led by the will to communicate to all those who struggle in their everyday lives, that they are not alone nor abandoned.

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