Here's your chance to make your voices heard in the 3rd Annual Loudwire Music Awards and name the Best Metal Song of 2013. We've got a total of 20 picks this year, so the decision may be especially difficult.

Our nominees consist of veteran acts, breakthrough band and some extreme metal heroes. From all ends of the metal spectrum, we bring you 20 acclaimed tracks up for your vote. Check out the nominated songs and cast your votes in the poll below!

Amon Amarth, 'Deceiver of the Gods'

Vikings, wield your swords! The melodic death metal act release their ninth studio album's title track this year, pleasing both the metal gods and Amon Amarth's rabid fans. 'Deceiver of the Gods' is exactly what you'd expect from an Amon Amarth release; a massive, battle-born slab of metal that inspires fans to man up and fight to the death.

ASG, 'Castlestorm'

After over a decade of perpetuating southern stoner groove, ASG commanded some much-deserved attention in 2013. 'Castlestorm' showcases ASG's dynamic and riff-heavy style perfectly, transitioning between clean and harsh vocals tactfully while constantly shifting instrumental gears.

Black Sabbath, 'God is Dead?'

2013 was a year of near-unparalleled triumph for Black Sabbath. The band dropped 'God is Dead?' as their first offering from '13,' immediately ending any question of whether the heavy metal blueprinters still had their magic touch. 'God Is Dead?' is a push and pull of heaviness and atmosphere, which embodies what the band was all about from the beginning.

Bring Me the Horizon, 'Shadow Moses'

Bring Me the Horizon expanded their sound greatly on 'Sempiternal,' and this can be heard from the first second of 'Shadow Moses.' 'Shadow Moses' boasts one of the most anthemic choruses of the year mixed in with melodic breaks and hardcore riffing.

Carcass, 'Captive Bolt Pistol'

In 2013, Carcass released 'Surgical Steel,' their first studio album in 17 years, and critical acclaim followed. Sonically, Carcass are unmistakable, and 'Captive Bolt Pistol' had extreme metal fans rushing to the operating table since first listen.

Children of Bodom, 'Transference'

With perhaps their greatest effort in a decade, Children of Bodom led off their symphonic 2013 album, 'Halo of Blood' with the standout track 'Transference.' Bodom are known for huge riffs, blistering solos and the gritty vocal attack of Alexi Laiho, and 'Transference' brings Bodom fans their fix of Finnish mastery.

The Dillinger Escape Plan, 'When I Lost My Bet'

'When I Lost My Bet' is a shining example of the Dillinger Escape Plan's ultra-dynamic style. The band switches between hardcore riffing, dizzying lead work, and schizophrenic rhythmic attacks, all wrapped up in the bow of Greg Puciato's manic vocals and lyrics.

Dream Theater, 'The Enemy Inside'

Epic, epic, epic. Dream Theater delivered possibly their heaviest album to date with their 2013 self-titled release, which was spearheaded by 'The Enemy Inside.' The track received a Grammy nod for Best Metal Performance and gives hardcore and new fans a direct injection of Dream Theater prog.

Ghost, 'Year Zero'

'Year Zero' is perhaps the go-to example of Ghost's ever-developing character. From the breakthrough album 'Infestissumam,' Ghost meld their brand of pop sensibilities with overtly Satanic lyrics, converting countless metal and rock fans throughout 2013.

Gorguts, 'An Ocean of Wisdom'

Five years after the reformation of Gorguts, 'Colored Sands' was released and exceeded all expectations. The lengthy and complex 'An Ocean of Wisdom' immediately had old fans swooning and new ones lining up in droves to hail their new death metal masters.

Huntress, 'Zenith'

Huntress had a monster year in 2013. The band took its popularity to a new level this year, thanks partially to 'Zenith.' Led by metal succubus Jill Janus, she directs Huntress with her operatic voice and psychedelic undertones. Huntress' instrumental section keeps 'Zenith' pummeling away with a little guitar solo action rounding off the solid cut.

Killswitch Engage, 'In Due Time'

The metal world was rooting for returning singer Jesse Leach to revitalize Killswitch Engage, and the group responded back with 'In Due Time.' Now nominated for a Grammy, 'In Due Time' is a catchy metalcore anthem that sounds fresh and vintage simultaneously.

Kvelertak, 'Bruane Brenn'

It's unique for such an abrasive metal act to write such a purely fun song. Mixing many Norwegian influences, Kvelertak stir up a sweet blend of party rock and black metal with 'Bruane Brenn,' which empowers listeners to sing along with the song's addictive chorus, although English-speaking fans have no clue what the band is saying.

Kylesa, 'Unspoken'

Kylesa's 'Unspoken' is a trance-inducing song with rolling rhythms and cosmic texturing that will have you lost in time through its five minute run. This hypnotic dirge takes the band's sound to new places.

Motorhead, 'Heartbreaker'

'Heartbreaker' kicks things off with a bang on Motörhead's 2013 full-length, 'Aftershock,' instantly showcasing an unwavering take on the rock/metal hybrid they've laid down for nearly 40 years.

The Ocean, 'Bathyalpelagic II: The Wish in Dreams'

It's tough picking out one track from the Ocean's beautiful 'Pelagial' album, but we're going with 'Bathyalpelagic II: The Wish in Dreams.' Led by a big riff, cross-sections of technical mastery and dynamic vocals, mastermind Robin Staps penned what could be his magnum opus in 2013.

Protest the Hero, 'Drumhead Trial'

'Drumhead Trial' is a triumphantly technical display of Protest the Hero's elite musicianship. Featuring Lamb of God's Chris Adler on drums, 'Drumhead Trial' goes full-speed-ahead switching between spastic time signatures, traditional structure and many dynamic shifts.

Queensrÿche, 'Where Dreams Go to Die'

Queensrÿche split into two groups this year, but the overwhelming opinion is that the Todd La Torre-fronted version has reigned supreme. There's some obvious bitterness in 'Where Dreams Go to Die,' but they work well outside of the context as a throwback to the glory days of Queensrÿche.

Suffocation, 'Cycles of Suffering'

Suffocation's 2013 album, 'Pinnacle of Bedlam,' starts off with 'Cycles of Suffering.' The track is an instantaneous punch delivered to the gut. Frank Mullen's gutturals being immediately brutal as an all out riffing assault bombards the listener and brings the pain.

Watain, 'They Rode On'

Black metal frontrunners Watain changed up their style with 'The Wild Hunt,' taking a step back from the sonically polarizing style too harsh for some. Within 'They Rode On,' Watain explored new depths, adding a new sense of patience, beauty and personality very successfully.

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