How many times can we talk about thrash metal and the 'Big 4?' Obviously, still quite a lot and for good reason, but let's hear it for the new school of thrashers who kept the old ways very much alive after a trying '90s decade. Crack that neck and as we crack into the 10 Best Thrash Albums by Bands Formed After 2000.

After that dreaded '90s where thrash all but died as dozens of the genre's godfathers either split up, changed their style completely or struggled to adapt, the 21st century offered an opportunity for rebirth that so dependently comes with the arrival of a new decade.

Realizing they couldn't keep up with changing times (well, Metallica got too big to fail, Overkill did the groove thing quite well and Megadeth leaned more in a rock direction that showcases Dave Mustaine's undeniable songwriting prowess), a lot of those '80s mainstays roared back, realizing the smartest option was to just be their reckless selves.

Meanwhile, a new generation was fixed on the classics and now had their chance to leave their stamp on this genre. Amid the resurrection from those heyday icons came neo-thrash, which cemented thrash's value in the 21st century as more than just nostalgia. It made those older bands cool in the eyes of a younger generation too, as they consumed the newest metal (ie: metalcore).

The 10 Best Thrash Albums by Bands Formed After 2000

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