Better check your sock drawer, because some Christmas black metal magic may be happening within.

You may remember the 'Sock Puppet Parody' of Slayer's 'Raining Blood' released back in October. The creators turned the thrash classic into 'Raining Bleach,' which we assume to be more frightening if you happen to be a sock.

This time around, the fairly large team behind the sock puppet parodies tackle black metal. Using the almighty Immortal as inspiration, the team combined Christmas with corpse paint for a very 'Immortal Christmas.'

The holiday track is accompanied by a surprisingly well-made video. The song utilizes tremolo picking, harsh guttural vocals, double-kick drumming … the whole nine when it comes to black metal. At one point, sock puppet Demonaz asks sock puppet Abbath if it should be 'Satan' rather than 'Santa,' but Abbath quickly puts his bandmate in his place.

Check out 'Immortal Christmas' in the video above!

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