This, ladies and gentlemen, is where your socks go after disappearing from your dryer. Like any respectable piece of clothing, these socks listen to Slayer. Having formed the ultimate Slayer cover band, Stayner, (get it?) these socks jam a parody version of the immortal 'Raining Blood.'

Much like people, socks tend to write songs about what they know. With that in mind, Stayner turned 'Raining Blood' into 'Raining Bleach,' which is the nightmare of every sock that breaks free from the plain white standard.

These sock puppets are made to look like members and former members of Slayer. Special attention is paid to the Jeff Hanneman puppet, who sports the number 42 in reference to the late guitarist's habit of wearing Oakland Raiders jerseys onstage.

The all-sock band twists some of Slayer's most celebrated lyrics, singing, "Raining bleach / It's not a colorfast dye / Bleeding all the color / Creating my mixture, bow as I stain / Raining bleach!"

Check out the sock puppet parody of 'Raining Blood' in the clip above!

You Think You Know Slayer?

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