Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi is already the 'Rock 'N' Roll Doctor,' but the iconic guitarist is now an actual doctor thanks to Coventry University. On Nov. 19, Iommi received an Honorary Doctorate of Arts "in recognition of his contribution to the world of popular music."

There is no rock or metal guitarist on Earth who can write riffs like Tony Iommi. For 45 years, Iommi has crafted some of the most celebrated and genre-defining music in history. The man practically invented heavy metal both single-handedly and eight-fingeredly, so if a scholar is able to acquire a doctorate after eight years of college, a scientist like Iommi at least deserves an honorary one.

Iommi tells BBC, "I got a letter from here -- from the university -- just sort of about the invention of heavy metal and all the years of things I've done. I mean, I couldn't believe it."

Metal's 'Iron Man' also spoke to BBC about his current battle with lymphoma. "It goes up and down and I'm still under treatment. I had a treatment a couple of weeks ago, so that's why we have to have these gaps in between for the tour. We do like six weeks or a month and then have three weeks off so I can recuperate [and] get over it, but it does knock me about sometimes. It hasn't been quite as bad, this time, as the last time. The last time really did knock me about. With the jet lag and the infusion, it sort of effects me quite bad, but it's been okay."

When asked if he would use his new 'Dr.' title, Iommi responded, "Yeah! I've got to play on that."

Check out the video above to see Dr. Iommi receiving his honorary degree!