Black Veil Brides vocalist Andy Biersack is launching a brand new project. The act is called Andy Black, which the singer claims is "not a band," but instead "a fun and artistic way for me to try something musically I wouldn't want to force into Black Veil Brides."

Andy Black will fit snugly into the dark wave genre, inspired by '80s synth and goth rock styles. Biersack credits acts such as the Sisters of Mercy and Depeche Mode as two of his favorite bands, but is of the mindset that those influences don't belong in BVB.

"There's no place for Depeche Mode and the Sisters of Mercy in the music I make with my band," Biersack tells Kerrang! "If I was a fan, I wouldn't want to hear that on a Black Veil Brides record. It was important for me and for the integrity of the band not to tarnish it."

He adds, "Over the last few years, I've been thinking up ways I could write this music on my own or with friends of mine. I started writing some songs with [producer John] Feldmann at the start of the year — just playing around. The idea of doing it as a side project didn't really interest me until I got about nine songs in and realized I had some great stuff."

For those concerned about how Andy Black will effect Black Veil Brides, no worries, Biersack only sees the dark wave project as a hobby. "I made it very clear. I told the band what was going on and made it clear it was a passion project on the side, and everybody in the band gets it," the singer explains. "And because we're doing this Black Veil record at the moment, it's a non-issue, because they know I'm totally committed to the band."

Biersack is planning to release a music video made with longtime friend and collaborator Patrick Fogerty, who has made almost all of Black Veil Brides' videos. As for now, Biersack has not signed with a label for the Andy Black project and has spoken about giving away the music for free. [via Blabbermouth]

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