Black Veil Brides are having a stellar year with their 'Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones' album really pushing the envelope and providing fans with a concept record that they can sink their teeth into. The band will take their music to the Vans Warped Tour this summer, leading one of the strongest contingents of hard rock acts the festival has seen in quite some time.

Loudwire spoke with frontman Andy Biersack and bassist Ashley Purdy on the Revolver Golden Gods black carpet recently about the success of their current single 'In The End,' their thoughts on playing Warped Tour and they also spoke about some of their varied influences. Check out the interview below:

Andy Biersack: Ah Loudwire, my favorite. You guys write your articles without saying "goth rockers from Hollywood." You do your research and talk about us like a real band. It makes me happy.

And we're here with those goth rockers from Hollywood, Black Veil Brides….

Ashley Purdy: [Laughs]

Andy Biersack: Ah, man … you ruined it.

So we're here at the Golden Gods and you guys are nominated in multiple categories. How does it feel to receive that recognition?

Andy Biersack: I mean, we're always confident. We always feel like we're going to win and we're going to be the first band in the history of the awards show to win three consecutive awards. That's a real feeling we've got going in and even if we don't win, we feel like our fans deserve a win regardless. We're very confident.

Ashley Purdy: We'll hopefully come out with one. We're nominated for two, so the odds are in our favor.

Ashley, what does it mean to you to be part of the Vans Warped Tour this summer?

Ashley Purdy: Oh, we grew up listening to punk rock music and I think we're going to bring the punk rock to Warped Tour this year. We're just a do-it-yourself band and bands these days just don't have the edge, the street sense about themselves anymore. We grew up listening to bands like NOFX, Pennywise, Bad Religion, Dropkick Murphys and all those things that come with Warped Tour. We're excited. We're stoked.

'In the End' has had a really great run, but any thoughts on what's next?

Andy Biersack: 'In the End' has had a really great run, but we're hoping to beat the Grammy-winning Halestorm [standing right next to Black Veil Brides on the Black Carpet]. Congratulations you guys. That's amazing and thank you for doing that for our genre. [The two bands shake hands with a few hugs]. But yeah, that song, we're really proud of it and we hope that it wins. [Editor's note: 'In the End' did go on to win the Song of the Year trophy at the Golden Gods).

Any thoughts on what might come after?

Andy Biersack: We've got to keep writing and keep making records for the rest of our career.

We've got Metallica, Rob Zombie, Tony Iommi all being honored. Did any of them have an influence on your music?

Andy Biersack: In some ways all of them have.

Ashley Purdy: Yeah, I think that we've all been influenced by Metallica.