Black Veil Brides are back with a new three-song EP titled 'Rebels,' featuring an extended cover of the Billy Idol classic ‘Rebel Yell’ in addition to the guest appearance of guitar shredder Zakk Wylde on the KISS track ‘Unholy,’ and the previously unreleased track ‘Coffin.’ Even though it’s over before you know it, it provides the perfect reminder of the stellar year that Black Veil Brides had with the release of ‘Set the World on Fire.’

The EP starts off with ‘Coffin,’ a song that seemingly didn’t make the cut from the ‘Set the World on Fire’ sessions, and listening to it now, you have to wonder why. Many fans have speculated that this song hints of where Black Veil Brides are heading in the future, merging their classic ‘80s infused sound with furious guitar riffs, unapologetic verses, and theatrical bliss all while maintaining a bit of the signature Biersack screams and growls that were severely lacking on ‘Set The World on Fire.’

Their take on Idol’s ‘Rebel Yell’ offers up a fun, edgy homage to the classic tune. Biersack’s vocals are a stark contrast to Idol’s but it’s within these differences that BVB make the song their own. It’s hard to take a classic and do it justice, but BVB succeed here and are probably introducing a whole new audience to the song.

Giving a little nod to their forefathers in KISS with their anthemic, fist-pumping version of the song ‘Unholy,’ BVB continue to celebrate their diverse and deep-rooted influences. The original version of the track features Gene Simmons on lead vocals, and it’s a perfect song for Biersack to go wild on -- and speaking of Wylde, guest guitarist Zakk shreds throughout the tune, taking it to a new level.

Also included as a bonus feature is a six-minute director’s cut of the band’s video for ‘Rebel Love Song.’ All in all, the ‘Rebels’ EP is a must have for any BVB fan. ‘Coffin’ is the biggest highlight, though -- truly a gem that you’ll be glad you discovered.

The 'Rebels' EP is currently available on iTunes. For more on Black Veil Brides, check out our exclusive interview with singer Andy Biersack from earlier this year.