All you need to do is take one look at Black Veil Brides to recognize that the band is not trying to blend in. Cloaked head-to-toe in studded black leather, slathered with sooty eyeliner and unapologetically flat ironing their inky black coifs, the Brides' efforts at being cocksure are evident and the point is taken. Young Hollywood chatted with vocalist Andy Biersack on the band's tour bus and he made a sweeping, grandiose statement, saying that the band's latest, 'Set the World on Fire,' is "the best rock 'n' roll record that's ever been made." That's a big, bold declaration but what young, talented rock band doesn't have that kind of confidence?

While Biersack talked about the nature of the band, their image and their appreciation for rock 'n' roll rebellion in an exclusive chat with Loudwire, he also recapped the band's recent successes to Young Hollywood, despite being asked a bunch of standard (generic, even) questions. He addressed the band's much buzzed about set at the famed Download Festival in England. "It was grey and moody, and I kind of like that," Biersack said about the rainy atmosphere of the event. "There were a lot of people in ponchos." Nothing, not even Mother Nature, could stop the BVB Army from enjoying their anti-heroes' performance.

With their fans in the back pocket of their leather chaps, the band is also earning the respect of the media. The Brides picked up the Best New Artist Award at the Revolver Golden Gods before heading across the pond to retrieve the Best International Newcomer statue at the Kerrang! Awards, to which Biersack declared, "If you nominate us for something, we're going to win."

Did he just say something about winning? [Insert Charlie Sheen voice here] It's that type of confidence that has sent BVB to the top of the hard rock food chain in a short amount of time.

While we were transfixed by the plush and figurine giraffes on the bus window sill, we also like Biersack's approach to talking about his music. He won't try and describe the band's sounds – we will, though, as it's glammy, '80s influenced rawk not unlike Kiss or Motley Crue. However, Biersack he suggests that you listen for yourself to find out.

'Set the World on Fire' is out now.

Watch Black Veil Brides Interview With Young Hollywood