Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides recently checked in with Soundwave TV as the band arrived in Australia to take part in the 2012 Soundwave Festival. Biersack talked about everything from overzealous fans to the band’s upcoming plans for their new record.

BVB have just started writing new material. “We’re in the process of writing, we’re going to record our new record in April,” reports Biersack. He described the overall process as a fun one, explaining, “It takes awhile to write your first two records because you have your whole life to build it up. Now we’ve wiped the slate clean and it’s nice to be able to start fresh with new ideas.” He continued, saying, “Everything that we had is already out there and now we have to start over. It’s been fun; we just got started on the writing process.”

Black Veil Brides recently finished up a tour in South America where Biersack described the fans as both great and scary, explaining, “They love to show you how much they love you and almost in an abrasive way. 'I love that person and I would like to take you home with me and lock you in my basement,' but I love them for that.”

Biersack and the rest of the Brides played a rainy set on their first stop of Soundwave judging by the YouTube clips, but it didn't seem to deter them or their fans very much and so far, no one has successfully locked Andy in their basement!

Watch Andy Biersack Interviewed by Soundwave TV