Sad news to report, as Clive Beer-Jones from pioneering hard rock / heavy metal band Black Widow has passed away at the age of 65.

Beer-Jones was one of Black Widow's founding members, forming the act in 1966. The musician played saxophone and flute for the act, remaining in the band until its dissolution in 1973. Though Black Widow's sound wasn't as dark as heavy metal blueprinters Black Sabbath, the band is celebrated for their part in developing what would become heavy metal imagery by using occult and satanic visuals.

Beer-Jones had long battled cancer, but informed fans in 2013 that his condition was terminal. “Sadly the cancer has spread like mad and is now in my stomach wall and cannot be cured,” Beer-Jones wrote. His physician gave the music veteran "4 to 24 months to live,” though Beer-Jones kept fighting, adding, “I have been offered chemo a much stronger type than last time that might prolong my life so I have to take that offer.”

Clive Beer-Jones passed away on Oct. 16, less than two months before he was to marry his civil partner, Kelvin Beer-Jones.

We'd like to send our best wishes to the family and loved ones of Clive Beer-Jones. Celebrate the musician's life by listening to 'Come to the Sabbat' by Black Widow below.

Black Widow, 'Come to the Sabbat'