There are festivals that have bumps in the road, and then there's what happened at the Fyre Festival last weekend. Fans shelled out money for a remote island festival getaway only to find that the organizers weren't prepared in time for the event and it began to fall apart amidst travel troubles, housing woes and acts bowing out of the event. One of the bands to pull out of the festival was Blink-182, but in a new interview with TMZ, Matt Skiba reveals that all of the chaos that occurred was not the primary reason they exited the festival.

He explained, “We were only pulling out because we were getting the feeling that it didn’t have enough of our stage that we needed to put on the show we have. We’re on tour right now and we have a production that we bring with us and they weren’t able to facilitate the show that we put on, so we were just like, ‘We can’t play the show.’ So the rest of it was just like happenstance.”

After seeing what happened, the guitarist-singer says he's glad they didn't take part, though he also feels a bit guilty for the Blink fans who still attended. “I think we got a lot lucky [that we bowed out]. I was talking to all the people that got screwed and ripped off and marooned out there from all that I know,” says Skiba. “When I got home and was sitting on the couch and was watching people stealing mattresses from all these people and it turned into Lord of the Entitled Flies, I was just like, ‘No, I’m good.’”

“The Blink fans that came down, I’m so sorry to you guys," Skiba continued. "I feel guilty because there’s people down there drinking vodka and eating bologna sandwiches in a mudpit or whatever. Like, I’m sorry.”

As stated, Blink-182 are in the midst of a tour that does have production along with it. You can see the band at the stops listed here.

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