Death metal supergroup Bloodbath have returned with Survival of the Sickest, their first new album since 2018 and a thrilling, bloody music video for the opening track "Zombie Inferno."

It's the sixth record from the band and third of the Nick Holmes era as the Paradise Lost vocalist now becomes the most prominently featured frontman Bloodbath has ever had in regards to full length recordings. Previously, Opeth's Mikael Akerfeldt contributed to two studio albums, two EPs and two live releases while Hypocrisy's Peter Tagtgren was heard on 2004's Nightmares Made Flesh.

Survival of the Sickest follows 2018's The Arrow of Satan Is Drawn and "Zombie Inferno" is a ripping introduction to the full platter of new music, which will arrive on Sept. 9 on Napalm Records.

"One man's struggle to rid the world of zombie infestation that seems to have inconveniently taken over the planet. Particularly, as he's just refueled his 1969 Dodge Super Bee 440," comments the band on the action-packed music video while the title alone leaves nothing to the imagination in terms of the track's lyrical theme.

About the whole album, Bloodbath continue, "If there was a declaration of goods attached to this album, it would say Florida death metal exported from Sweden."

Watch the music video for "Zombie Inferno" further down the page and view the Survival of the Sickest album art and track listing beneath the video player. To pre-order the album, which features guest appearances from Barney Greenway (Napalm Death), Luc Lemay (Gorguts) and Marc Grewe (Morgoth), head here.

Bloodbath, "Zombie Inferno" Lyrics

Nowhere to run
Skinless fingers everywhere
Flesh is ripped from my back
Endless clawing
Death is near
Lidless eyes
The dead staring back at me
Horrid screams die when slicing me apart

Zombie inferno

Infernal zombie's roam Infernal
No instant death

Hours of torture awaits
A lethal game
Undead hunter
I'm the prey
A nightmares dread
Putrid mass of flesh and bone
Seconds seems forever
As I'm trapped in my personal hell

For the righteous
In a colorless tomb of madness
Each soul will scream in sadness

For the righteous
In a colorless tomb of madness
Each soul will plead forgiveness

No dying wish
The ending of a beautiful life
Decaying brains
Consumed by wretched cunts

Bloodbath, "Zombie Inferno" Music Video

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Bloodbath, Survival of the Sickest Album Art + Track Listing

Bloodbath, 'Survival of the Sickest'
Napalm Records

01. "Zombie Inferno"
02. "Putrefying Corpse"
03. "Dead Parade"
04. "Malignant Maggot Therapy"
05. "Carved"
06. "Born Infernal"
07. "To Die"
08. "Affliction of Extinction"
09. "Tales of Melting Flesh"
10. "Environcide"
11. "No God Before Me"

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