Blue Stahli is in the process of working on a new album, but some things can't wait! The musician has teamed up with Sick Puppies bassist Emma Anzai for a new track called "Not Over Til We Say So" and the hard-hitting song is exclusively premiering here at Loudwire.

The musician says, "'Not Over Til We Say So' is pretty much what Blue Stahli is all about -- taking a bunch of disparate genres and smashing 'em all together into a cohesive track. In the overall electronic rock umbrella of this song, it jumps from thrash metal to glitch hop to straight up pop with catchy vocal hooks galore.”

He goes on to add, "Emma Anzai is one of the absolute best bassists in rock 'n’ roll. One of the coolest people, too. I loved her work in Sick Puppies and when she mentioned being on board to slam some bass down on a Blue Stahli song, I knew it would be a totally new level. The way that I chop up audio and go for glitchy rhythmic destruction is just how she normally plays. So I was blown away when she sent her bass parts along and made every bass line I've done on my own look like a bitch. From seeing Sick Puppies live (which is definitely how you should experience them) and listening the records, I knew she had a killer voice as well -- so having her on harmonies in this track pushes it into 'favorite' territory for me. Emma has action-movie-Tarantino-swagger in the form of one badass bassist."

Anzai also spoke about the track, stating, "Bret wanted some funky bass on the song so he sent it over to me and I listened to it non-stop and just played along to it. I loved how up-tempo it was, that was the first thing I noticed and immediately got excited. Bret then asked if I could do some backing vocals as well and so I got into listening to the vocals more and just thinking of harmonies and anything else that I could add.”

She adds, "Bret's very energetic and passionate and that was really inspiring to me. There's an absolute parallel between Bret's energy and his music. I was really happy and grateful that the artist I was a big fan of had said yes to me playing and singing on one of his tracks. "

"Not Over Til We Say So" will turn up on Blue Stahli's The Devil album, which is expected later this year. But in the interim, you can purchase the song here. Stay tuned for more from Blue Stahli.

Blue Stahli Featuring Emma Anzai, "Not Over Til We Say So"

Blue Stahli Not Over Til We Say So
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Blue Stahli

Blue Stahli
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