The singer of British metalcore band Bring Me the Horizon narrowly avoided being pummeled by an angry mob of audience members Monday night during a concert in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Oliver "Oli" Sykes became angered when fans started tossing a barrage of bottles at the band, and he got his revenge by spraying the crowd with water and then tossing the empty plastic bottles back at them. He then told the bottle throwers to either leave the concert or to come onstage and address the situation personally with him. That last move was a big mistake!

Not surprisingly, several people in the crowd hopped over the barricades and up onstage to confront Sykes. Video of the incident posted below shows a small swarm of fans converging onstage, but security intercepts the attackers and order is eventually restored, preventing a full-scale riot from taking place. Sykes was reportedly not injured during the incident and Bring Me the Horizon returned 30 minutes later to finish their set.

The band is wrapping up a U.S. tour with Australia’s Parkway Drive that touched down in New York last month (read Loudwire's review of the show here) and finishes with a gig in Las Vegas tonight. They move on to a trek through Central and South America for a handful of dates starting Thursday in Mexico City. Check out the jaunt's complete itinerary here.


Watch Bring the Horizon Singer Oliver Sykes Almost Incite a Riot!