Distillers vocalist Brody Dalle will serve 60 hours of community service and pay a $1000 fine in response to a court order violation that occurred during the midst of her current custody case with Queens of the Stone Age singer Josh Homme.

The couple split in 2019 and an ongoing custody battle concerning their children has been taking place through the year. Dalle's violation occurred in September when she failed to bring her 5-year-old son for a court-mandated custodial visit with the QOTSA frontman.

Dalle plead not guilty to the violation last month. She stated in court on Tuesday (Nov. 30), “I didn’t withhold our children. Our children testified to that. Our children testified to the abuse they have experienced at the hands of their father and the reasons why they refused to go and continue to refuse to go."

According to Rolling Stone, Homme had initially sought a misdemeanor prosecution of Dalle, seeking five days in jail for the vocalist or 120 hours of community service via a service such as highway trash pickup. Instead, the court ruled that Dalle would be sentenced to complete 60 hours of community service and pay the $1000 fine.

“I’m relieved by the court’s decision. I don’t believe anyone should go to jail or pick up trash for protecting her children,” Dalle said after the hearing. “As a mother, I will always put my children first and protect them at all costs."

This marks the second portion of the ongoing custody battle to be resolved over the last month. Back on Nov. 20, the court dismissed another contempt charge involving the couple's 10-year-old son, ruling that the youth had decided not to visit with his father of his own volition. The judge also dismissed charges that the singer had kept Homme from speaking with his sons for a video call.

According to Rolling Stone, Homme said he was "willing to take responsibility for things that I do," but asked the court for "justice" and "one set of rules for both sides." He added, “I’ve suffered a lot of parental alienation in a short period of time. This family is in grave danger and so fractured and ripped apart. All I want to do is see my kids. I want my mother to see her grandkids. I want my father to see his grandkids.”

During his sentencing, Judge Lawrence Riff pleaded with the couple to find a cordial way to co-parent, stating, “What I’m hearing, I hope, is that (both sides) want the same thing. They want a healed family with three quite lovely children who need the benefit of two loving parents. Both sides want that.”

Both Dalle and Homme are due back in court on Dec. 3 where it will be determined where Dalle will fulfill her community service requirement.

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