God’s Hate vocalist, AEW wrestler and House of Black member Brody King dropped by Paul Booth’s tattoo studio to get a demonic portrait on his leg. While getting inked by Booth, King talked about his life in hardcore, wrestling and how he worked on movie and TV sets for 15 years.

Though King’s old job sounds exciting, the manual labor life didn’t give Brody the satisfaction of music or wrestling. “I did lighting for movies and TV. It’s very, just, manual labor at the core,” King explains. “The side that I was on was more the rigging side, so I was coming in before production. I didn’t like being on the shooting crew, so we built everything. It was cool to see the sets being constructed and all these elaborate things happening, but I wasn’t creating them so it wasn’t filling that void for me.”

Since joining AEW as a member of Malakai Black’s House of Black, Brody King has been part of the most authentic “dark” group in pro wrestling. Paul Booth is a big fan of the faction’s presentation, calling it the best he’s ever seen in wrestling.

“You guys are so authentic right off the bat — it’s so abundantly clear, which is what I love about it,” Booth says. “I always appreciate when I see something like, ‘Yeah, that’s probably ruffling a couple of feathers.’”

As for how King got into hardcore, he gives MTV 2 and Hatebreed the credit. “When I was in junior high, [MTV 2] would play music videos all day, but they would also play stuff that was uncommon to play on normal TV, so they would have Mudvayne and Slipknot and stuff, but that’s where I found out about Hatebreed. They would play the Hatebreed music video and it’s basically people fighting in the crowd — madness. I was like, ‘I need to know what this is.’ I went out and bought the CD and that’s kind of what got me into hardcore music.”

Watch Paul Booth tattoo Brody King in the video below and click here to see Booth’s latest session with Malakai Black.

Brody King (AEW / God's Hate) Gets Tattooed by Paul Booth

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