Real or fake, the table was definitely busted when God's Hate frontman and All Elite Wrestling entertainer Brody King picked up fellow AEW wrestler Darby Allin and drove him through it. Figure 4 Online reports King put Allin through the merch table at an autograph signing for Allin at a mall in Seattle last Saturday (July 10.) The vicious reverse powerbomb was captured on video for you to see below.

God's Hate is a hardcore band whose motto on their website is “Life is hard—be harder.” Brody King pulls double duty as heavily tattooed vocalist and heel for AEW Wrestling.

The wrestling website says this brouhaha is a continuation of a storyline from AEW's "Royal Rampage" from two weeks ago. At one point King and Allin were the last men standing at the Royal Rampage before King "put Allin to sleep and then dropped him on the outside of the ring to win the match." Then there was some extracurricular snubbery with the two before the event concluded. So, bad blood.

The video of the powerbombing begins as King, a bearded monster of a man, is taunting and grappling with the much smaller Allin at the store in the Southcenter Mall. The crowd of fans has formed a ring around the two and is chanting "Brody sucks, Brody sucks!"  King puts then Allin in a headlock, spins him around, and swiftly picks him up over his head and throws him through the table, back-first, in disgust. The fans boo as King turns and departs.

It seems that Allin survived without major injury to complete the autographing signing (phew!)

Check out some of God's Hate's music below and video of the truly wicked reverse bodyslam. Telling you, if that table wasn't covered in three deep t-shirt piles somebody might be in traction right now.

God's Hate "Be Harder"

Watch God's Hate's Brody King powerbomb AEW wrestler Darby Allin

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