In case you were (ironically) grabbing a beer from the fridge or some chips from the cupboard and missed Budweiser's 'Eternal Optimism' Super Bowl 2012 commercial, which featured a brilliant mashup of the Cult's classic 'She Sells Sanctuary' and rapper Flo Rida's 'Good Feelin',' then we are happy to share the one-minute spot with you.

The commercial is a rapid-fire cultural history lesson, dating back to the end of prohibition and the world wars. If those cultural and social events are in the rear view and we're putting men on the moon (footage of which is shown in the ad), why not bend all the rules and mashup a rock song with a rap jam for a commercial that celebrates the evolution of man? Seems like a fine idea to us.

The Cult's signature groove lives under Flo's steady raps, and the rest of the spot zips through pockets of culture. We follow breakdancers, disco dwellers and crowd surfers. Life changes, music changes and how we see and interpret life, the world and music changes. This commercial reminds us of that fact! You won't exactly get "drunk" on nostalgia, but it will certainly remind you that the only constant in life is change and it's fun to look back at past events.

Budweiser 'Eternal Optimism' Super Bowl Commercial Feat. The Cult's 'She Sells Sanctuary'