Sometimes no matter how hard you try, things just aren't meant to be. And that's the idea at the crux of Bullet for My Valentine's new song for "Over It." The track is the new single from the band's forthcoming album Gravity, which is due June 29, and they've just unleashed the video for the song as well.

In the clip, the band play amidst a darkened room illuminated by neon lighting, awash in blues, purples and pinks, while a woman watches on. The song's lyrics detail her downfall, as Matt Tuck sings about the struggles of watching someone he cares for who can't help but be self-destructive and finally coming to the realization that there's nothing more he can do. "I know these words / They won’t mean anything / I hope it hurts / You’ve only got yourself to blame / And I can’t take this anymore / I’m over it," sings an anguished Tuck.

The video features the woman alone, with brief glimpses of Tuck trying to comfort her, only to disappear from frame. As the clip continues, the darkness of her condition begins to ooze from her mouth and eyes until by the end of the video she's turned completely black.

The song "Over It" features primarily melodic, but driving verses, but turns into full anguish and pure aggression come the verses with Tuck transitioning to guttural vocals at one point. Helping drive home the intensity is some heavy-hitting drumming from Jason Bowld, who really powers the song late in its run.

As stated, "Over It" will appear on Bullet for My Valentine's latest album, Gravity, which is due June 29. The artwork for the disc can be seen below. Bullet for My Valentine are gearing up for more spring dates including a number of festival appearances. See all of their scheduled stops here.

Bullet for My Valentine, Gravity Artwork

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