If you're partial to artists who are constantly reinventing themselves, chances are you're a fan of Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne. King Buzzo has released a tremendous amount of music over the years, with his solo record 'This Machine Kills Artists' acting as the man's newest offering.

Buzz recently stopped by our studios for an interview and an awesome 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction' segment (both coming soon), but first, King Buzzo busted out his acoustic guitar to perform 'Rough Democracy.' This is about as raw as it gets, so King Buzzo fans, sit back and absorb.

Watch King Buzzo play 'Rough Democracy' in the video above, and check out his performance of 'Dark Brown Teeth' for our friends at Diffuser below. Grab a copy of 'This Machine Kills Artists' here and see Buzz Osborne's latest list of tour dates here.

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