AC/DC's lineup has been dealt a lot of blows over the last few years. Death, retirement and termination have shaken things so hard that for a short while, it felt like Angus Young was the only true member of the band left. Rumors are intensifying about a new album with some familiar members, but the question is: Can AC/DC really continue after all of this?

After Brian Johnson was sidelined with dire hearing issues threatening his ability to ever hear again, AC/DC brought in Axl Rose to finish up their tour behind 2014's Rock or Bust album. The title of that 16th record seemed to doom the rock legends as they practically limped to the tour's finish line.

With the future looking grim, fans gradually received what appeared to be good news — Angus Young, Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd were all spotted at a studio in Vancouver. Speculation has run rampant, information has begun to trickle out and it's rumored that the results of this studio session will be an album featuring riffs written by the late Malcolm Young. Awesome.

But what comes next? You can't keep rock bands who have been around for nearly half a century off the road. A tour seems like a given, right? Great, even more uncertainties about what that means.

We're asking those same questions too and we have a couple answers on how AC/DC can not just continue, but remain on top. After all, it's a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n' roll — and Angus seems like he still wants to.

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