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What Do Lordi Look Like Without Costumes?
Lordi have been huge in Europe for a long time and are continuing to break through to international audiences, as well. Formed in 1992, the Finnish hard rock / heavy metal monsters have released six full-length albums and made history by winning the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest with their performanc…
What Does Buckethead Really Look Like?
It's pretty damn difficult to find a picture of guitarist Buckethead without his trademark mask and KFC 'Funeral' bucket. However, when the bucket and mask are removed, you'll see a man named Brian Patrick Carroll.
What Do KISS Look Like Without Makeup?
KISS have been around for 40 friggin' years. Formed in 1973, KISS became one of the biggest rock bands in the world with classic albums such as 'Destroyer' and 'Love Gun' before choosing to nix the makeup in 1983.

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