Los Angeles heavy metal / speed metal veterans Hellion lost former bassist Teddy Days on July 17, when his death was formally announced via Hellion's Facebook page. Days was 48 years old.

Led by frontwoman Ann Boleyn, who arguably coined the term "speed metal," Hellion have been bringing the noise since 1982. Boleyn gathered the sad information about Days' death from a friend of the bassist on July 19. It seems that Days' death was either caused by a self-inflicted gunshot wound or lethal force by police after a five-hour stand-off:

On Wednesday July 10th Teddy had a incident with the police. He had been in a serious car accident a few months before and had family problems. He became erratic and extremely depressed. He ended up in a 5 hour stand off with the police brandishing a shotgun. He laid down in his hearse and called it quits. It is unknown at this time if his passing was from the police or by his choice.