Cattle Decapitation's stance against the ills of humanity takes a scathing new turn as they look to "Bring Back the Plague" on their newest single off the forthcoming Death Atlas album.

Prepare yourselves for the most melodic song of the band's career, which in no way loses its grip on the skull-smashing brutality Cattle Decapitation have made their name on.

Expanding on the atmospheric touchtones of "One Day Closer to the End of the World," "Bring Back the Plague" further embraces cinematic melodic black metal qualities, but it's vocalist Travis Ryan who steals the spotlight. You're reading this right — there's a bona fide hook sung in that nasally, snarling "clean" voice of his.

Read the lyrics and listen to the new song below.

Yersinia Pestis

The recurring pandemic
Not often enough it seems
For these mammalian hosts
A systematic invasion is a must

These scattering rats
Their diseased existence
Earth's megalopoli, a plague focus
Eradicated with Death's persistence

The density of the populace intensifies and modernized
The wrath of God bleeds from their eyes
And like the raven, this contagion keeps repeating, ever eating
Humanity to nevermore

Every body, a host
Every body, infected
Corpses white as a ghost
Naturally selected

Every body, a host
Every body, infected
Corpses white as a ghost
Naturally selected

Black Death, you've found us
Your cloak surrounds us
Boundlessly drown us
In bacillus countless

Bring back the plague
Delete those that threaten a new world
Start today
Dig their graves

They'll find a way
To rid the world of finding new tomorrows
End of days
Dig those graves

Bring back the plague
Even if it means your own survival
Is at stake
Dig your grave

We'll find a way
To rid the world of everyone tomorrow
End of days
Dig our grave



Death Atlas drops Nov. 29 on Metal Blade and can be pre-ordered here. Catch Cattle Decapitation at these tour dates and learn how Travis Ryan learned to scream in our exclusive video beneath the song.

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