With the Nov. 4 release of Cavalera Conspiracy's latest album 'Pandemonium' less than two weeks away, the band is unleashing the video for the track 'Babylonian Pandemonium.'

'Pandemonium' is Cavalera Conspiracy's third album. Brothers Max (vocals, guitar) and Igor (drums) return, as does guitarist Marc Rizzo (Soulfly). The bassist this time around is Converge's Nate Newton.

In a recent interview with The Vinyl District, Max talked about the synergy between him and his brother. "We play better now than we ever did," Max says. "We know each other so good now, for all these years, that it’s even easier to write songs together. When I write a riff for Igor to play fast, I know I can count on him to deliver a fast performance, and he’s going to be excited. We just went for that, so I wrote a bunch of really cool, fast riffs, and we went into the studio and turned those riffs into songs."

When it comes to a Cavalera Conspiracy tour, Max reveals they will embark on one early next year once Newton is available. "In January he’s available, so he can come and tour with us, which is going to be great, having him with us on tour," Max says. "We’re gonna try to make some kind of package. There was even a mention that Converge might even be on the tour, so hopefully they can come out and Nate can do double duty, do both bands, that would be really cool."

Watch the music video for 'Babylonian Pandemonium' above and check out the full album preview below. To pre-order the record, click here.

Cavalera Conspiracy, 'Pandemonium' Album Preview Clip